Getting INFLUENCER MARKETING Disclosure Right with Regulatory Expert Rupa Shah

55 minutes

Join Rupa Shah, a regulatory expert in advertising and influencer marketing, and InfluencerDB, to learn how to build and support an influencer marketing team that understands compliance and disclosure across the US and European markets. 

You'll learn how to:

  • Use recent rulings to guide your influencer marketing practices 
  • Ensure your influencer partnerships have proper disclosure, even ongoing influencer relationships and collaborations
  • Avoid common mistakes made by the biggest brands
  • Manage a team that can introduce compliance at the right stage and ensure your brand is well-protected 

Special Guest: Rupa Shah, founder and director of Hashtag Ad Consulting Ltd, a London firm that specializes in providing legal and regulatory guidance to influencer marketers. With 13 years experience at the Advertising Standards Authority (UK), Rupa uses her wealth of regulatory knowledge to provide bespoke in-house training to brands, agencies and tech platforms on advertising compliance and the rules of influencer marketing.

Hosted by: Ariel Dekovic, Director Global Communications, InfluencerDB